The Wyrley and Essington Canal

Virtual Walks Too far away to visit? Don't want to go out today? I've done it for you.

Warning! - The following access details were correct at the time of my walk - but may have now changed.

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Virtual Walks-2 From Ogley Junction (or Anglesey Junction) to Catshill Junction (July 2000)
Visit the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust web site to find out about the Trust that was formed in 1988 and is a registered charity. It campaigns for the restoration of the "Lichfield Canal" (as the closed section of the W&E between Ogley and Huddlesford is now called) and also the Hatherton Canal through the Cannock / A5 area. It promotes the restoration as public amenities for boating, angling, walking, cycling etc. and raises funds to carry out physical restoration work.
Ogley Junction (or Anglesey Junction) Foot Bridge (2000 & 1982)
The bridge is marked "HORSELEY IRON WORKS 1829".

Taken looking East.

Access via Lichfield Road.

Marina at the head of the (currently disused) locks down toward Huddlesford Junction. Lock Cottage, 271-272 Lichfield Road is visible between the trees.

Taken looking East from Ogley Junction (or Anglesey Junction) Footbridge - which is pictured right.

Access via Lichfield Road.

The Mill (Mill Road)

The "Ogley Hay Steam Flour Mill" - opened in 1841?
Was at one time operated by Haddon and Grimes.

Closed in 1942 and used later for a shoe company and then metal pressing.
Converted to flats as Sadlers Mill in 1999.

Taken looking back North - 750yards before the Anchor Bridge.

Access along canal.

At the rear of Millfield School, 400yards East of The Anchor Bridge (looking North from towpath)

1983 Showing a hole in the bank caused by coal mine collapse.

Access along canal.

August 1983 Rebuild due to mining collapse

(left) Showing coffer dam used while rebuilding took place.

Access via towpath.

By Millfield School, 400yards East of The Anchor Bridge (looking East from towpath)

August 1983 Rebuild due to mining collapsetowpath will remain.

(right) By Millfield School, 600yards East of The Anchor Bridge (looking West) towards Chester Road.

Anchor Bridge (Under Chester Road (A452).) - On the right "The Anchor Inn" (Banks's)

Taken looking back to the East

Access via Lindon Road and Chester Road/High Street.

Catshill Junction Bridge

Taken looking West - 27/09/2012.

Access via towpath and Chandlers Keep via gate.



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